Кейс: блог — телеграм канал про ФОРЕКС на английском для продаж советников

Задача запустить блог в телеграме по ФОРЕКСу на английском языке — с целью продавать советников для торгового терминала.

Блог ведётся от имени специалиста, участника команды, разрабатывающей советника.

Важно понимать для чего пользователю надо подписываться на канал. Составили список таких причин, составили список преимуществ предложения клиента и исходя из этих данных выстроили контент.


👋 Hello world. Launching a new channel about FOREX and algorithmic trading.

I’ll be sharing interesting news and market observations with you.

For beginners, I’ll explain indicators, candlestick patterns, and other aspects of trading.

Кейс: блог - телеграм канал про ФОРЕКС на английском для продаж советников

The US Dollar Index (DXY) is attempting to continue its upward trend. Dollar strengthening is a result of the increase in yields of US Treasury bonds. Yields on 2-year and 10-year US bonds have risen to 4.37% and 3.86% respectively. Additionally, in November, sales of existing homes increased by 0.8%. The Consumer Confidence Index also showed growth.

🤔 However, there is a ‘negative’ factor: some members of the Federal Reserve dismissed assumptions about possible interest rate cuts in the near future.

One of the first indicators I’d like to introduce to newcomers is the CCI (Commodity Channel Index). It was designed to quantitatively assess price deviation from its average value. CCI is often used by traders to identify overbought or oversold assets, which can indicate impending trend changes.

How is the CCI indicator used in Forex trading?

🟢 Identifying Overbought and Oversold Conditions:
Above 100: An asset may be overbought, and traders may expect a potential downturn.
Below -100: An asset may be oversold, and traders may anticipate a potential upturn.

🟢 Crossing the 0 Level: When the CCI crosses from below 0 to above, it could signal a buy. Conversely, a reverse crossing could signal a sell.

🟢 Divergence: When an asset’s price forms new highs or lows that aren’t confirmed by the CCI, it might indicate a potential trend reversal.

🟢 Using the -100 and 100 levels to confirm an existing trend. For instance, if the trend is upward and the CCI remains above 100, it could confirm the strength of the upward trend.

❗️ Of course, CCI should be used in conjunction with other indicators and carefully integrated into your trading strategy.

👉 Check out this free advisor: ССЫЛКА
Here, CCI is used in conjunction with the ADX indicator.

❗️ On the Forex market, you can trade with your own funds or those of Prop firms. However, to secure funding from such companies, you need to demonstrate your trading effectiveness. This is where trading challenges come into play, during which participants prove their qualifications and ability to manage capital according to the company’s policies.

To successfully pass these challenges, specialized advisors are often used:

These solutions come with a dedicated PROP controller module, allowing users to limit risks, daily drawdowns, and maximum drawdowns in line with PROP firms’ requirements.

Let’s see how our advisors work.

Here’s an example of an account it trades on: ССЫЛКА

👉 Since the beginning of the year, it has gained over 38%.
👉 Maximum drawdown: 14.4%

This advisor is popular among traders aiming to pass prop-firm challenges. Its cautious risk approach explains the relatively low trading activity of the advisor.

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Кейс: блог — телеграм канал про ФОРЕКС на английском для продаж советников